At The Table

An Invitation to Belong and Encounter Grace

Create Beauty & Love Extravagantly

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A Soul Renovation

Have you lost sight of who you are designed to be and the desires for your life? Maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity to take the time to reflect on uncovering your personal passions and purposes, tapping into your creative, genuine self; life has just been too busy giving to others. This is an intentional time of life to focus on ‘you’, to discover the Creator’s unique plans for you, your values and the meaning you want infused into your day to day life. At The Table is an invitation to belong to a small community of women who desire connection and transparency, as well as an invitation to encounter friendship with God and to discover your personal distinctions…so to thrive!



A Three Semester Course

At the Table is a 3 semester course, primarily focusing on how to thrive in your personal journey, transformation with God and in your interactions with others; acquiring some practical life skills along the way. It is a gathering of small groups of women (4-6 women of any age), with a Life mentor leading creative experiences and intentional discoveries. This group meets together over the fall, winter and spring semesters, every other week with each session being a 1 ½ hour in length.


Semester one (7 sessions)

Living Life to the Full! The first semester will focus on “loving yourself”, it is crucial for each of you to uncover and respect your genuine self, in order to love those in your sphere of influence with a healthy love. This semester gives opportunity for personal discovery of your inner purposes, strengths, values and passions that have been created within you. This is supported by tools such as the Birkman personality assessment and a Personal Declaration that you will draft.


Thriving not Striving! The second semester will focus on “loving God”, through discovering your connection to the Creator and how He has designed you to flourish in your body, soul and spirit. There are opportunities to experience real transformation, intimacy and true healing through creating space for God to meet with you. This is bolstered by skills to enhance communication with God, to experience creative adventures that are sacred and encounters of grace.


The Tool Kit for Thriving! The third semester will focus on “loving others”, so you can apply the truths of the first two semesters into your daily life of building right relationships and establishing life- long practices. This is “cross training” for living, having the opportunity to flex your muscles in the areas of forgiving, loving the unlovable, exercising integrity and giving of yourself to serve others. The tool kit includes skills in conflict resolution, active listening, implementing virtues of good character and the option of a parenting declaration document.

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at my table

Barb Borthistle


Barb Borthistle, is a Registered Professional counsellor/mentor with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. She has designed the course, “At The Table” to facilitate women’s discovery of who they are designed to be, their connection with the Creator and inspiring them toward right relationships with those in their sphere of influence. She has been married to her husband Garth for 30 years, they have shared the joy of raising 4 beautiful children, two who have now married; so to add a son-in- law and daughter-in- law to the crazy mix! She enjoys creating beauty and loving extravagantly.

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At The Table was an incredibly rich experience, deep with soulful encouragement. It’s a place where you can come as you are; no need for striving or performance. In such intentional and creative ways, Barb pointed us towards reflection and true transformation. I came as myself, but I left living more of my intended self.
— Lisa P.
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