Second Act Soul Spas Fall 2019

Second Act Soul Spas Fall 2019

from 75.00

Second Act Soul Spas by At the Table Mentoring Spring 2020

This is the second round for those who have already experienced Act One Soul Spas

Are you in need of a break…again! To refresh, be restored, to laugh, cry, play and create beauty! You are in need of a Soul spa with other women just like you! Leave the stress of your daily life behind to experience beauty, share stories, revitalize your body with healthy foods, refreshing drinks, stretch your mind, explore your significance, meet with God, create art expressions and engage in inspiring conversations. This is a rejuvenating day just for you!

Spring 2020 First Act Soul Spa Schedule 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Spring 2020 First Act Soul Spa Schedule 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Sat. Sept. 21 – Surprise!

Sat. Oct. 19 – Surprise!

Sat. Nov. 23 – Surprise!

Sat. Dec. 14 – Surprise!

Sat. Jan. 18 – Surprise!

What you need to know

Once a month on a Saturday – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

·       A different creative project each time, which includes all supplies

·       A luscious charcuterie board of food, healthy drinks and sweets

·       Quality workshops teaching life skills for personal growth and relationship building

·       Applying Biblical wisdom through meditations and reflection

·       Reviving your senses with foot baths, warm face cloths, essential oils

·      Group life coaching

Location – 5474 184A St. Cloverdale, BC.

Cost - $75/per Soul spa (pay at registration)

The cost is cheaper than a spa facial…cheaper than a one-hour massage…cheaper than a one-hour counselling session! This is 3 hours of personal refreshment and coaching for only $75/per soul spa!

·       Spa bundle Fall 2019 (all 5 Soul spas) - $335.00 (pay by August 15, 2019)

Soul Spa:
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